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Katie Ying is a visual artist, graduated from Hong Kong Art School. Winner of Top ten new artist award of 2015 of East Touch magazine. She have created several series of artworks to express her thoughts and feelings of daily life, and held her first exhibition in 2013. Her artworks expressed complex emotion, some is pure, some is heavy. Every artworks show the difference face of her.

Katie is also a artist likes diverse development in addition to artistic painting. She takes part in illustration works. Her works have been published in East Touch Magazine(HK), Newspaper HK01, Turkey magazine Pocketful Mag, Emerging creativity in Asia Vol.4, HK newspaper Wen Wei Po. Her customers relate to various areas, include Estee Lauder, Telford Plaza, TV drama Genius On The Left, Lunatic On The Right, Featured Restaurant, French literary journal etc. Her works exhibited in PMQ- Detour 2014, Guan Shanyue Art Museum(Shenzhen), The Third China Illustration Exhibition, First Greater China Illustration Awards, Roving Exhibition of winning works.

邢景婷是視覺藝術家,在香港藝術學院畢業。 在2010開始至今她繪畫了多個系列的繪畫作品, 是表達個人思緒和對生活的感受。2015年獲東touch雜誌頒發<十大新力軍>獎項。2013年舉辦首個個人畫展。 她的藝術作品有淨潔的,沈重的,都是作者每一面的自己。


除了藝術性的繪畫創作,Katie是多元創作人,從事插畫工作,作品曽刊登於東Touch雜誌,HK01,土耳其插畫雜誌Pocketful Mag,亞洲青年創作集錄,文滙報等。客戶包括,美容時尚- Estee Lauder,德褔廣場,劇集<天才在左瘋子在右>,特色餐廳,法國文學書刊等多個範疇。 作品展出於PMQ- Detour 2014,深圳關山月美術館,第三屈全國插畫藝術展-香港區邀請作品,第一屈中華插畫獎,得獎作品巡迴展等。

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